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Aug 24, 2023
How to Get Full Custody of a Child as a Mother in California? 2024

Child custody cases are emotionally and legally complex, whether they are part of a divorce or separation case. If you and your spouse or co-parent are in a contentious litigation case, the process is especially distressing. The California family court makes all decisions regarding children…

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Aug 23, 2023
Can You Lose Custody for Not Co-Parenting in California? 2024

Whether you are in the process of a child custody determination case or living with a court order, the idea of losing custody of your children can be terrifying. There are several reasons why parents may lose custody during a court case and even after…

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Aug 22, 2023
2024 How Much Does a Family Law Attorney Cost in California?

Family law is a legal practice area that covers family-related legal issues, including divorce, marital agreements, property division, adoption, legal separation, child support, child custody, order modifications, and domestic violence civil cases. Often, multiple cases are handled during a divorce, but these issues can also…

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Aug 21, 2023
Prenuptial Agreement in California 2024 – All You Need to Know

A prenuptial agreement allows a couple to determine certain finances prior to marriage, and determine how property would be split if they were to divorce. For some people, this feels contrary to how a marriage should be approached. However, a prenuptial agreement does not spell…

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Aug 20, 2023
Joint Legal Custody in California 2024 – All You Need to Know

Child custody determinations are a delicate time for many, as the outcome is likely to alter their family’s future. These cases can frequently become emotionally charged, even when parents are amicable and are working together in their child’s interests. In most situations, even contentious custody…

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Aug 19, 2023
Parental Alienation in California 2024 – All You Need to Know

When parents separate, it’s often very difficult for their children. Custody cases and final custody orders can be complicated situations for the entire family, and children can react to divorces in many different ways. Ideally, both parents are able to work in their child’s interests,…

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Aug 18, 2023
If My Husband Owns a Business in California, Do I Own It Too?

Divorce is known to be financially draining, in addition to the many other stressors involved in the proceedings. When a couple is divorcing and one spouse owns a business, this can add financial complications. The spouse who owns the business may worry that their spouse…

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Aug 17, 2023
California Divorce 10-Year Rule (2024) – All You Need to Know

California’s 10-year rule in divorce usually refers to how the length of a couple’s marriage impacts the duration of alimony payments. Alimony, or spousal support, is not always awarded in a divorce, but it may be necessary, depending on each spouse’s income, financial assets, and…

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Aug 16, 2023
Legal Separation in California – All You Need to Know

Divorce is not always the right option for a couple, and some couples wish to separate before they meet the state’s residency requirements for divorce. Married couples can separate without getting a divorce by filing for legal separation. Understanding Legal Separation Legal separation does not…

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Aug 15, 2023
2024 How Long Does Alimony Last in California?

The purpose of alimony after a divorce is to provide both parties with similar financial security, allowing them time to become self-supporting. This enables each spouse to have a similar standard of living to what they were accustomed to during the marriage. This is particularly…

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