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The attorneys at Quinn & Dworakowski have the skill to handle all aspects of family law litigation. We handle complex financial issues such as business valuation and cash flow with the need for expert forensic accounting. We also tackle less complex cases with equal vigor and tenacity for our clients.
Year after year, Quinn & Dworakowski is ranked by US News & World Report as one of Southern California’s “Best” Divorce and Family Law Firms. Also, the firm enjoys a longstanding reputation in the legal community for its commitment to excellence. Complete dedication to the client is a core value at Quinn and Dworakowski.


Divorce cases often involve numerous inter-related issues, and clients benefit from the firm’s team approach. Our divorce and family law lawyers collaborate and analyze the case from multiple perspectives, with the goal of bringing the best outcome for the client. With more than 100 years of combined litigation experience, the attorneys at Quinn and Dworakowski are committed to handling each case with skill, compassion for the client, and attention to detail. In addition, the firm has established relationships with experts in forensic accounting, child custody, psychology, mediation, investigation, etc. These relationships, along with our reputation in the Orange County Family Law Courts, is an advantage for our clients and allows us to get the best possible resolution on their case.


Resolution of a case on favorable terms for our client, is a goal at Quinn & Dworakowski. But when settlement appears unlikely, the attorneys at Quinn & Dworakowski have the skill, experience, and support staff to succeed at trial.
In fact, the firm of Quinn & Dworakowski is regularly hired by our client specifically for trial upon realization that their counsel may not be equipped to handle a complex family law trial. Quinn & Dworakowski has the earned reputation of being the “go to” law firm for a family law trial. It’s what we do.


Every attorney at Quinn & Dworakowski knows how to achieve outstanding results for our clients in a courtroom.
We invite you to check out the credentials of our attorneys, compare us to other law firms, and then come speak with us about your case.
Over the years, we have won countless awards and recognitions for our success at trial, while earning for our clients the results they deserve.


Quinn & Dworakowski earns the highest marks/rankings by all of the reputable attorney rating services, including AVVO, Best Lawyers In America, Super Lawyers and Martindale-Hubbell.

Call (949) 660-1400 or click “Schedule Now” to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys who can assist resolving your family law matter.

At Quinn & Dworakowski Weekly Strategy Meetings Are Critical To Your Success

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Why Do I Need an Orange County Family Law Firm?

Whenever you face a legal case of any kind, it’s essential to secure legal counsel from an attorney who has solid experience handling the type of case before you. When confronting a family law matter, it’s essential to have legal counsel from an experienced family law attorney. Quinn & Dworakowski, LLP, can provide the comprehensive legal representation you need to approach your case confidently, navigate your proceedings efficiently, and secure the best possible outcome.

While no attorney can ever promise a specific outcome in any given case, working with an experienced Orange County family law firm significantly increases your chances of securing a favorable result for your case. Our team takes a client-focused approach to every case we accept. We’ll take time to get to know you and learn as much as we can about your current situation and your goals for the future and then apply our findings to your legal representation. We understand the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty that any family law case can generate, and it’s our mission to provide our clients with peace of mind—the reassurance that only experienced and compassionate family law representation can offer.

Top-Rated Divorce and family law firm in Orange County

Family law is a unique area of civil law that pertains to the legal issues that arise among members of the same family or household. Family law cases have the potential to influence the lives of those involved in several ways for years to come. If you are facing any legal matter in the Orange County family court system, it’s vital to have an Orange County family law firm on your side with the resources and experience necessary to help you approach the situation with confidence.

The outcome of your family court case can have lasting effects on many areas of your life, from your personal finances and your career to your retirement and your relationships with your children. Unfortunately, the emotional aspects of many family court cases can drive some people to make costly errors or overlook the need for reliable and experienced legal representation. The right attorney can help you feel more confident about your legal options and assist you in understanding the more complex aspects of your case in greater detail.

The attorneys of Quinn & Dworakowski, LLP, have represented many Orange County clients in challenging family court cases entailing multiple legal issues. We understand the emotional strains that family law cases often cause for those involved and strive to help our clients have peace of mind and reassurance as their cases unfold.

Our Difference Is
Apparent From The First

Our unique approach to your divorce and family law case is apparent from your initial meeting. All new consultations meet with an experienced family law attorney, who analyzes your individual situation and develops an effective strategy based on your desired outcome. Since our goal is to obtain optimal results, we take the time needed to fully understand your objectives, starting with the initial meeting. Retaining our divorce and family law firm provides a sense of confidence and security in an otherwise difficult time in your life.

Our Difference Is Apparent From The First Consultation

outstanding results

The divorce and family law attorneys at Quinn
and Dworakowski have earned an outstanding
reputation in the legal community.

The firm’s award-winning attorneys are amongst the finest trial attorneys in the state. And while trial experience is an important asset, especially in high conflict matters, not every case has to go that route. If settlement makes sense for you, that is the avenue we’ll pursue. Either way, we will use our formidable resources and reputation to achieve optimal results on your divorce and family law matter.

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