Orange County Complex Divorce Lawyer

Orange County Complex Divorce Lawyer

Orange County Complex Divorce Attorney

Divorce is never an easy process, but some factors can significantly increase its complexity. The term “complex divorce” is used to describe situations where a divorce has added layers of high assets that need to be distributed, split opinions on the right child custody arrangement, and other contentious issues. These types of cases require the legal knowledge of an Orange County complex divorce lawyer to help ensure both parties are able to thrive in the next chapter of their new lives.

The skilled, qualified attorney team at Quinn & Dworakowski, LLP, has an extensive record of success in even the most complex of divorces in Orange County, and they’re prepared to assist you regardless of the complexity of your situation.

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What Factors Make a Divorce Complex?

  • High-value assets: Dividing property in California can already be challenging, but even more so when adding a multi-property real estate portfolio, various investments, businesses, or offshore accounts.
  • Business ownership: If both spouses own a business, its value and future growth potential need to be taken into consideration when divorcing. If both parties want to continue running the business, the final decision on who will keep ownership may need to happen in court. In other scenarios, one spouse may agree to be paid out by the other.
  • Disagreements on a valuation: Because assets are not always liquid like cash in a checking account, some items will need to be appraised to determine their worth. These could be tangible items, like specific pieces of an art collection, or intangible items, like the value of a brand name.
    Sometimes, parting spouses disagree on the valuation of a specific asset, which may require second opinions from unbiased evaluators or court intervention to determine what would make the most fair division.
  • Spousal support and child custody: The unique needs of children can further complicate divorce proceedings. If one spouse has been the traditional high earner of the household while the other stayed home to raise the kids, the latter individual will likely seek spousal support to help maintain their lifestyle. They may also be awarded child custody if the children will primarily be living with them.

Why Do You Need an Orange County Divorce Attorney for Complex Divorces?

Given how many intricacies can be involved, an attorney can add a significant amount of value in navigating the divorce process. Some of the most common areas where their knowledge and skills will come into play include:

  • Dividing properties: Orange County divorce attorneys are well-versed in property division laws in California and will provide you with a sense of relief knowing your portfolio of assets is being divided fairly and legally.
  • Negotiation skills: It is not uncommon for emotions to run high during a divorce. An experienced attorney will often serve as a calm mediator, helping parties to reach reasonable agreements and negotiating any unreasonable requests.
  • Knowledge of family law: Complex divorces almost always intersect with different components of family law. Having an Orange County family law attorney ensures that no matter what nuances or curveballs are thrown into the process, they can leverage their knowledge of the system to ensure nothing unfair is proposed and advanced.
  • Representation in court: If the case goes to trial, having an experienced family law advocate on your side in the courtroom will relieve a ton of unnecessary pressure. They will be able to present your case calmly and effectively and combat any unreasonable arguments being made by opposing counsel.

FAQs About Orange County, CA Complex Divorce Laws

Who Pays Attorney Fees in a California Divorce Case?

Either party has the right to request the court to order the other side to pay for a portion of their attorney fees. The final decision will largely rest on the financial needs and earning capabilities of both parties in the case. If it is clear one party is not able to afford access to their own legal representation, this will likely result in the court ordering the other party to cover the attorney fees if they have the legal means to do so.

How Can I Tell if a Divorce Attorney Is Right for Me?

Feeling confident that you are choosing the right divorce attorney will require both research and your own intuition. The most useful place to start will be a formal review of the attorney’s track record and any testimonies of past client experiences. You will want to ensure the attorney has successfully resolved cases for others who were in a similar situation to your own.

Additionally, you will want to assess how you feel during an initial consultation. If the attorney is able to answer all of your questions and help ease some aspects that have been causing you stress, it is a good sign they will be able to represent you well throughout the process.

What Is the Most Time-Consuming Part of the Divorce Process?

Evaluating and dividing a laundry list of high-value assets will typically be the most time-consuming portion of a divorce. This is because each item must be identified, valued, and divided fairly among all other assets in the splitting couple’s portfolio.

This part of the process will take even longer if there are disputes over how a specific asset was valued or what the attorneys are proposing the property division aspect of the case should look like. Taking time to negotiate these disputes or having the court intervene to make a final verdict can significantly extend the case’s overall timeline.

How Long Does a Complex Divorce Take?

A complex divorce in California can take anywhere from a few months to a few years in some very heated and contentious situations. High-value assets, business ownership, intricate child custody arrangements, and unresolved disagreements are some of the largest culprits that extend a divorce’s timeline.

Hiring Orange County divorce attorneys is one of the most effective resources to expedite any complications that can arise in the process. This is especially true if the attorney has faced similar scenarios in the past, as they will be able to leverage any practices that have been effective and use them for their own case.

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If you are in the midst of a complex divorce and are seeking legal counsel, consider contacting the divorce attorneys of Quinn & Dworakowski, LLP, today. We have a deep understanding of the laws and regulations that govern divorces in California and a track record of success, making sure our clients feel comfortable moving forward in their new lives.

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