Laguna Beach Family Law Attorney

Laguna Beach Family Law Attorney

Laguna Beach Family Law Lawyer

Family law consists of a unique set of challenges and complexities that amount to more than mere legal outcomes. Covering sensitive issues such as divorce, child support, and child custody, family law cases can be emotionally charged and carry highly personal stakes. As a result, you need a Laguna Beach family law attorney with a comprehensive and compassionate approach to handling the delicate legal matters involved with family law.

Laguna Beach Family Law Attorney

Family Law Representation in Laguna Beach, CA

The attorney team at Quinn & Dworakowski, LLP, offers compassionate and understanding representation for all of our clients in and throughout Laguna Beach and its surrounding areas. Our knowledgeable and client-focused approach has led us to great success in handling a wide variety of family law issues and cases in Laguna Beach, CA. Our lawyers take the time to learn about each client’s unique situation and the details regarding their case. This ensures that every case receives individualized care and attention.

Whether you are settling the division of assets in a divorce, establishing fair child support terms, or securing custody over your child, it is essential that you work with an experienced and qualified attorney. A skilled attorney, like those at Quinn & Dworakowski, LLP, will offer needed legal guidance and counseling throughout the entire family law process.

What Family Law Cases We Handle

Our team of lawyers has represented a range of family law cases, with a particular focus on some of the most common family law issues. It is important when hiring an attorney that you find a lawyer with experience handling cases that are similar to yours, as they will be more familiar with the nuanced laws and regulations pertaining to filing and litigation. The following represents the most common cases that we handle:

  • Divorce cases. Most cases filed with the Laguna Beach family court deal with divorces. Legally ending a marriage is often a multifaceted process involving several different areas of negotiations, such as property division, spousal support, child custody, and child support. Our lawyers will guide you through the entire process, representing you and your interests during the filing, negotiations, and trial stages, as necessary.
  • Child custody disputes. Child custody disputes represent some of the most emotional types of cases in which you could engage, as your relationship with your child and their future often rests in the outcome of this determination. It is vital that you work with a skilled and experienced attorney who can make a strong case for securing custody rights. Whether you are married or unmarried, we can help you legally work out custody and visitation arrangements.
  • Child support determinations. Every child custody order includes provisions for child support according to California family law. Each parent shares the financial responsibility of providing for their children. Non-custodial parents will typically pay their half of the financial obligation to the other parent once a month.
  • Family court order modifications. Clients can seek changes to any existing family court order, such as spousal support, child custody, or child support payments. Generally, courts will entertain modifications arising from significant life changes, such as a dramatic change in income due to job loss or changes in parent suitability.
  • Other family law matters. In addition to the above common cases, our team handles family law matters such as prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, legal separation, financial disclosure, property division, restraining orders, and domestic violence.

Many family law matters are multifaceted, involving a combination of two or more of these types of cases. For example, most divorces will deal with property division and financial disclosures and may involve carrying out prenuptial agreements, while modification cases may cover both child support and child custody litigation.

How California Law Handles Divorce

As the vast majority of family law cases are divorce-related, it is important to understand how divorce law works in California. As a no-fault divorce state, California residents do not need to cite a specific reason to justify obtaining a divorce. As a result, most couples merely cite “irreconcilable differences” as the cause for marriage dissolution.

Additionally, courts will consider both parties equally, whether they are the ones petitioning for or responding to the divorce. There is no legal advantage offered to either party. Alternative dispute resolutions are available to couples, which can offer a way to minimize the time and money involved in otherwise lengthy divorce proceedings.

Though filing for divorce does not require litigation in itself, most divorces involve resolving issues, such as spousal support agreements and child visitation rights, in which it is far more beneficial to have a family law attorney on your side.

Why You Need a Family Law Attorney on Your Side

While California law does not require you to obtain legal representation to handle family law matters, it is highly recommended you do so. A family law attorney can provide a deep understanding of legal procedure, precedents, and statutes related to your family law case, can give you unbiased and objective advice and legal counsel, and can manage the various legal details, such as paperwork, meeting deadlines, and scheduling court hearings.

In addition, having a lawyer on your side can equip you and your case with the following advantages:

  • Negotiation skills. Both parties will engage in negotiations at several points throughout a case, and effective negotiation tactics are crucial to obtaining favorable outcomes and protecting your interests. As family law attorneys, our lawyers are adept at handling contractual agreements, advocating for their clients before a court, and providing fair mediation between two opposing parties with conflicting interests.
  • Emotional composure. When representing yourself, it is impractical to expect to make important decisions and enter into binding agreements without being swayed by the emotional distress brought on by the details of your case. Whether it is a contested divorce, child custody dispute, or domestic violence case, your lawyer can offer compassionate counsel while maintaining composure and reason throughout the proceedings.
    This ensures that emotionally charged matters won’t lead to bad decisions or an inadequate outcome. Instead, your attorney will provide non-confrontational communication that minimizes conflicts and facilitates greater collaboration.
  • Strategic legal planning. From gathering the necessary documentation, preparing for hearings, and developing a strategic plan to anticipating potential conflicts, long-term financial concerns, and future life changes, skilled family law lawyers can craft thorough agreements.
    They can take factors into consideration that you may not, which can mitigate delays in the case, protect your future finances, and avoid the need for subsequent modifications to the agreements.


Q: How Much Does a Family Lawyer Cost in CA?

A: The cost of hiring a California family lawyer will vary depending on the experience level of the attorney, the complexity of your case, and whether or not your family case goes to court. In general, you can expect an hourly rate to average around $350 per hour. The rate will also depend on what kind of case your family lawyer will be handling. For example, contested divorces will require more time and intervention than would uncontested divorces.

Q: Why Do You Need a Family Lawyer in California?

A: California family lawyers can provide legal protections and advocacy in important cases like child custody, divorce, and mediation. By comprehensively assessing needs, gathering documents and evidence, and providing effective negotiation, mediation, and litigation, your attorney can represent you and your interests and provide you with quality legal counsel and guidance throughout the process.

Family law encompasses some of the most personal types of cases there are. Strong advocacy is imperative when fighting for custody of your child.

Q: Do You Need a Lawyer for Family Court in California?

A: You are not legally required to hire a lawyer for family court in California; however, it is highly recommended. This is because family law cases can be quite complex, involving complicated legal factors and varying laws and procedures. Family law matters represent highly personal and often emotional stakes.

For example, achieving a favorable outcome in a family court can mean the difference between having or not having custody of your children. The right representation can make all the difference.

Q: Who Pays Attorney Fees in Child Custody Cases in California?

A: While both parties are responsible for attaining their own representation, the court may deem one party financially responsible to cover all or a portion of the attorney fees for both sides. For example, if your spouse earns significantly more money, or if their negative conduct was the reason for initiating legal action, a judge may find them financially liable for the legal costs for both parties. This determination can also be requested, leading the judge to consider the matter.

Your Laguna Beach Family Law Attorneys

Our years of experience working through complex and emotionally draining cases have enabled us to lead individuals and families toward favorable outcomes. By providing a personalized approach that is tailored to each client we help, we ensure agreements that secure their future.

Fracturing a family in any capacity is difficult for everyone, but through proper representation, you can begin your new life with a more stable and secure foundation. To schedule your consultation with a Quinn & Dworakowski family law attorney, contact our Laguna Beach office today.

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