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Extremely Caring And Professional

“David Dworakowski is a patient and extremely caring attorney. He represented me in an outstanding way. Mr. Dworakowski is truly an exceptional attorney that I would recommend to anyone looking for personal service in their lawyer.”

- Karen M.
An Extraordinary Family Law Attorney.

Quinn is an extraordinary Family Law Attorney. He came highly recommended and he did not disappoint. I recommend him with great enthusiasm! Consider me a very satisfied client!

- Emily
Patient and Successful

Quinn is definitely up for the task. When I was feeling down about my case, he texted me ‘We haven’t begun to fight’. I felt a renewed sense of security, and I was right. He was very patient with me and had the great sense of timing to be successful. I am truly grateful to have found Quinn.

- Karen
Excellent Appeals Attorney

Mr. Quinn took over our case after our appellate attorney unexpectedly passed away. We were put in a very unfortunate situation because our deceased attorney had already filed portions of our appeal, but there was still much more that needed to be done. This is a difficult spot to be in because there are few attorneys in the industry that were willing to take over our appeal, especially after it had already been started by another attorney. Many attorneys had already turned us down, with the exception of Mr. Stephane Quinn. Once we retained Mr. Quinn, he did an outstanding job with our appeal. For those who are unfamiliar with appeals, it is very difficult to pick up where another attorney has left off. The entire file has to be reviewed, including the entire trial court transcript. That being said, he did an extraordinary job reviewing the file, and providing the legal arguments necessary for us to have the best possible outcome. He went over and above our expectations, and we are extremely pleased that he was willing to take on our appeal, and most importantly, he did an extraordinary job in reviewing our lengthy file in the short amount of time that he had to file our documents with the appellate court. We would highly recommend Mr. Quinn to anyone who needs any appellate representation.

- Michael & Terri
Extraordinary Attorney!

I retained Quinn to represent me in the case of child custody, and child/spousal support that was filed by my ex-spouse. I found Quinn when I called the office of my appellate attorney who was just passed away. Quinn has extraordinary ability to listen to me, understand my legal concerns and sincerely provide advice that I feel comfortable to accept. Quinn also helped me with coping skills, knowing that my only child was just leaving me before he turned 18. Even though I worked with Quinn for a short term, I felt as if I have built a trusting relationship with Quinn for many years. If I have someone who are searching for a family law or appellate attorney, I would recommend Quinn because of his kindness, intelligence, accommodation and skill.

- Pam T.
Superb Trial Attorney. Even The Judge Commented How Fortunate I Was To Have Mr. Dworakowski.

David Dworakowski is a superb trial attorney! I was so fortunate to have met him and had him on my case. He is intelligent, experienced, and a very compassionate man. I am the kind of person that hates dealing with lawyers. But this guy is the exception. Few attorneys care about their clients as much as this guy. And watching him in the courtroom is a real treat. Even the judge commented how fortunate I was to have Mr. Dworakowski as my attorney. He gives lawyers a good name (and I didn’t think this possible.)

- Raymond
You Won't Find Many Like This Guy.

You won’t find many like this guy. He spent a long time with me walking me through the various aspects of the system in a very caring and professional way. While I was in his office he received three telephone calls from other attorneys seeking his advice. Mr. Dworakowski is highly competent and a real pro.

- Meg
His Work Is Impeccable As Are His Skills As An Advocate.

Quinn is an exceptionally bright and talented attorney. He has a strong work ethic and a deep understanding of both the law and more important the needs of his clients. He understands that good lawyers know the law, but great ones understand the needs of those they serve and protect. His work is impeccable as are his skills as an advocate.

- Dyke Huish, Attorney
I Would Trust David Dworakowski To Handle A Case Of Any Of My Loved Ones.

I have known David Dworakowski as an attorney for 25 years, and have seen his work up close, numerous times. David is as dedicated and talented an attorney as you will find. I have seen him produce results ranging from awfully darned good to unbelievably good. His doggedness in solving problems is truly remarkable. Coupled with his superb legal knowledge and innate human decency, he is a real force as an attorney. He is well respected by judges, opponents, and knowledgeable lawyers. I would trust him to handle a case of any of my loved ones.

- Michael McClellan, Attorney
One Of The Best Legal Minds In The County

David has got to have one of the best legal minds in the county. There is a reason he deals with the most serious and complicated cases. His work ethic is unparalleled.

- Scott Ball, Attorney
Any Client Should Thank Their Lucky Stars To Have David Dworakowski As Their Lawyer.

David’s talent in cross-examination is unmatched. I have seen him take a witness statement–with seemingly no issues–and dissect each part until it fits squarely within the theory of his case. Beware to the less than truthful witness, this will not go well for you. In addition to his skills as an artful litigator, he is one of the most compassionate attorneys I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Any client should thank their lucky stars to have this man as their lawyer.

- Jennifer Bender, Attorney
David Is A Patient And Highly Skilled Attorney

David is a patient and highly skilled trial attorney who has the unique ability to also handle appellate matters with equal effectiveness.

- William Kopeny, Appeals Attorney
An Amazing Attorney

David Dworakowski is an amazing attorney. He is professional, knowledgeable, connected and able to expertly handle any case. Based of his 25+ years of experience he knows what a case is worth, how to attack the elements for the benefit of any client, how to research and write winning motions and the unique ability to connect with judges, clients and most of all juries. I would recommend Mr. Dworakowski without reservations.

- Melani Bartholomew, Attorney
Quinn Is An Exceptionally Hard Working And Talented Advocate.

I endorse this lawyer enthusiastically. Quinn is an exceptionally hard working and talented advocate. In addition to family law matters, I have first-hand knowledge of his ability as an Appellate and Habeas attorney. He is outstanding!

- William Kopeny, Appeals Attorney
The Lawyer I Would Go To If I Or A Loved One Needed Legal Help

David is that rare lawyer with a sense of caring and competence. He has a litigator’s eye for evidence and strategy yet he knows how to build a record to prepare for the next level. He is a shrewd and credible negotiator. He never loses sight of the fact that his client is a person in crisis. He is the lawyer I would go to if I or a loved one needed legal help.

- Dolores Yost, Attorney
Absolutely Top Notch In Our Field

Dave Dworakowski has been a teacher, mentor and colleague of mine for the last eight years. He is absolutely top notch in our field. There is no legal issue he cannot find a solution for, no trial issue he cannot find a creative defense for, and if I ever found myself in need of an attorney he would be the first person I called. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anybody seeking excellent legal representation.

- Erin Lindquist, Attorney
Mr. Dworakowski Has A Brilliant Legal Mind

Mr. Dworakowski is the unique attorney that understands in depth the appellate and trial sides of the law. His skills in the courtroom are beyond exceptional, born out of his unmatched experience, natural talent and honest concern for his clients. I have seen him spend late nights and weekends preparing for litigation going far beyond what any other lawyers can or do. He always out works his opponents, giving his clients the best chance they ever could have to win. His innate ability to cross examine a witness is unparalleled. Mr. Dworakowski has a brilliant legal mind that can hone in on the issue and cut right to the heart of the problem. But above all he gets results. I have seen him win cases that others could not. In the end the best endorsement I can give of David is that he is truly great lawyer and a true gentleman.

- Dyke Huish, Attorney
A Dedicated Professional And One Of The Finest Trial Lawyers I Know.

I have known David Dworakowski for over 15 years. He is conscientious, resourceful and exceptionally knowledgeable. When I have a question regarding a complex legal issue, a defense theory or trial strategy, I talk to David first. He is a dedicated professional and one of the finest trial lawyers I know.

- Richard Carmona, Attorney
I'm Glad The Almighty Put Him In My Path.

Mr. Quinn is someone I’m proud to not only call my lawyer but a friend…He was very positive and diligent went things went wrong and road blocks came in view. He was able to maneuver and find a way for a positive outcome. I’m glad the Almighty put him in my path.

- Rico
One Of The Best Litigators In Orange County

David is one of the best litigators in Orange County. He is hardworking and a zealous advocate on behalf of his clients.

- Michael Hill, Attorney

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