Newport Beach Family Lawyer

Newport Beach Family Lawyer


Family law is a branch of civil law pertaining to family relationships and the legal issues that can arise within families. Divorces, adoptions, child custody disputes, and many other challenging cases unfold daily in the Newport Beach family court system. If you are facing any type of impending family court case, a Newport Beach family law attorney is the best asset to have on your side in this situation.

Newport Beach Family Lawyer

Compassionate Family Law Representation in Newport Beach

Regardless of the type of case before you, its outcome is likely to influence your life in various ways, potentially for years to come. While it’s technically possible to confront your proceedings alone, hiring an experienced Newport Beach family law attorney can pay off tremendously. You will not need to worry about procedural errors and administrative delays, and you will have legal counsel you can trust readily available to answer questions and address concerns as they arise throughout your case.

The attorneys at Quinn & Dworakowski have years of experience guiding clients through the family court system of Newport Beach and know the obstacles you’re likely to face as you seek a resolution to your case. Our firm learns everything it can about each client we work for to ensure individualized legal representation in every case we accept.

Types of Family Law Cases We Handle

Whenever you need legal counsel for a family court case, you need to find an attorney with experience handling cases similar to yours. Most of the cases filed in the Newport Beach family court pertain to divorce, the legal process of ending a marriage. A divorce is likely to be a multifaceted ordeal, and it’s also possible to face many other issues in the family court system. You can rely on the team at Quinn and Dworakowski to represent you in a wide range of family law cases, including:

  • Divorce. The legal process of ending a marriage is more complex than many people expect, and it’s vital for you to have legal counsel you can trust if you want to reach the best possible outcome to the difficult proceedings ahead of you. A Newport Beach family law attorney can help you through the early stages of the dissolution process more quickly and efficiently than you could manage by yourself, and they may also reveal options for resolving your divorce that you may not have considered without their counsel.
  • Child custody disputes. Both married and unmarried parents will need to legally resolve custody and visitation of their children. Your child custody determination may be a standalone issue or part of a divorce, but in either case, the final results rest in the hands of the judge overseeing your case. Our team is prepared to do everything we can to build the strongest possible case for custody on your behalf.
  • Child support determination. Every child custody order issued in California contains provisions for child support or the financial support a child should receive from each of their parents. When one parent has more physical custody than the other, this is assumed to count as half of their child’s total support obligation, and the noncustodial parent must pay their half to the custodial parent each month.
  • Modifications. You have the right to request reasonable and necessary changes to your standing family court order if a recent event in your life has made it unreasonably difficult or impossible for you to continue abiding by the order. A Newport Beach family law attorney can guide you through the modification process to secure the changes you need to your family court order.

Ultimately, most family court cases are multifaceted, and it’s understandable to feel lost and overwhelmed by these difficult circumstances. However, once you recognize that you are heading for a difficult family court case, it’s vital to speak with an experienced attorney you can trust as soon as possible. The guidance they provide from the beginning can help you make more informed decisions as your case unfolds, and they can potentially help you reach much better results than you initially anticipated.

Divorce in Newport Beach Family Court

Most of the family court cases filed in Newport Beach are divorce petitions. If your marriage has broken down beyond any hope of reconciliation and neither you nor your spouse is interested in remaining married, the dissolution process legally ends your marriage. However, you both must address several important issues, and you have options for how you may handle these difficult situations.

When most people imagine a divorce, they think of an emotionally charged court battle, and while tempers may flare in some divorce cases, litigation is not the only method of resolving your divorce. Many couples are taking advantage of the benefits of alternative dispute resolution. For example, mediation can potentially allow you to reach more agreeable divorce terms with your spouse while saving time and money. You may not be able to resolve every issue in your divorce in this manner, but you can still streamline your forthcoming proceedings if you are both willing to compromise.

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What to Expect From Your Newport Beach Family Law Attorney

Quinn & Dworakowski has a team of experienced trial attorneys. While we will do everything we can to help you settle your divorce as efficiently as possible, we are not afraid to represent you in family court if necessary. Virtually every divorce will entail some level of litigation. Even if a couple chooses to try mediation, they may have issues that demand the court’s attention and a judge’s ruling, such as settling custody of their children.

Our team is ready to help you navigate the difficult family court proceedings ahead of you with compassionate and meticulous legal representation. We take time to learn the details of every client’s situation and listen to their greatest concerns about their forthcoming proceedings. This enables us to provide individualized legal counsel in every case we accept.

Family Lawyer FAQs

Q: Will I Lose My House in My Divorce?

A: California law requires divorcing spouses to evenly divide their marital property, and this is likely to include the home they shared if they purchased it together or are listed as joint owners of the property. In the event that one spouse owned the house prior to the marriage and it has not legally transmuted to community property, they will keep it in divorce. One divorcing spouse may keep the house, and the other will receive alternative property or compensation equal to half its value, or the couple may sell the house and evenly divide the proceeds if necessary.

Q: How Does a Judge Decide Custody in Newport Beach?

A: Every family court judge is legally required to protect the best interests of any children affected by their rulings. When a judge oversees a child custody case or a divorce between parents, they must rule in whatever manner best suits the needs and interests of the children involved in the case. They must evaluate numerous factors, carefully assessing the overall fitness of each parent and what type of custody arrangement would help the child thrive best.

Q: What Happens If My Spouse Hides Assets in Divorce?

A: Lying in a financial disclosure statement, intentionally squandering marital assets immediately prior to divorce, or engaging in any fraudulent, unethical, or deceptive behavior to shield assets from property division can carry severe penalties. If you suspect your spouse has hidden assets or has been untruthful in any way, raise these concerns with your Newport Beach family law attorney immediately to determine your best options for addressing their behavior.

Q: How Much Can I Receive in Alimony in California?

A: Alimony can be awarded to a spouse who has a clear financial need, a medical disability that prevents them from working, or when their spouse earns significantly more income. The amount someone can receive in spousal support depends on the difference between their respective financial situations, the length of time the marriage lasted, and various other factors that must be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Q: Do I Really Need to Hire a Newport Beach Family Law Attorney?

A: There may not be any strict legal requirement to hire an attorney for your upcoming family law case, but legal counsel you can trust is an invaluable asset that makes every aspect of the proceedings easier to manage. Your legal team can handle the procedural end of the case so you can focus on your family, your career, and your household. They will also help you reach more agreeable results than you could have secured independently, even after accounting for the cost of hiring them.

The attorneys at Quinn & Dworakowski understand the stress and uncertainty that any family court case can impose, and the outcome of the proceedings ahead of you could impact your life in various ways for the foreseeable future. We aim to help you approach your family court case confidently and reach the best possible outcome. Contact us today and schedule a consultation with an experienced Newport Beach family law attorney you can trust with your case.

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