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California Family Code 6203

California Family Code 6203

California Family Code 6203 Attorney

In California, there are a myriad of comprehensive domestic violence statutes created to protect victims of violent situations in the home. One of which, California Family Code 6203 – FAM § 155, is a key part of these statutes. This section defines support orders, working to address related definitions and procedures within family law. A domestic violence statute lawyer from Quinn & Dworakowski, LLP, can work to provide guidance for your case based on these statutes.

By understanding how these provisions work and why they are in place, individuals who are involved in domestic violence cases can equip themselves with the tools they need to get legal support and protect their families. Those on both sides of a domestic violence support order should work to understand these provisions so that they can adequately navigate legal processes and understand the implications of their present and future circumstances.

Understanding Family Code 155

Family Code 155 defines a support order in the context of domestic violence. A support order is a legal decision made by the court that obligates one party to pay a certain amount of money for the support of another party. The party making the payments is usually a non-custodial parent, and the receiver of such payments is typically a former spouse or child. A support order can be temporary or final in nature.

Furthermore, under Family Code 155, a support order is always subject to modification, termination, or remission. This means that if either the receiver or payer of support order payments is not content with certain conditions or if specific circumstances have changed, they can work with an experienced family lawyer to change the conditions of the existing support order.

Notably, under Family Code 155, the support order that is initially instated is subject to interest accrual terms outlined under Section 685.020 of the Code of Civil Procedure. This means that individuals who fail to meet their payment obligations will have an accrual of interest starting from the date each installment is due. This can have particular financial implications for the obligee from the beginning of the arrangement.

California Domestic Violence Statutes

In California, there is a broad legal framework implemented to protect individuals from domestic violence and abuse and to ensure that the perpetrators of such actions are held accountable. Furthermore, under such statutes, certain resources and support are designated to domestic violence victims, including payments through support orders from the perpetrator, which are defined and outlined in Family Code 155.

Individuals in California who are victims of domestic violence crimes have a variety of legal protections and support options available to them. If they are in fear of immediate danger from the perpetrator, they can seek to pursue a temporary or permanent restraining order against the perpetrator.

Furthermore, victims of domestic violence crimes can get the financial support they need through support orders. Support orders can be particularly important for individuals who were or are financially dependent on the perpetrator of the domestic violence crimes. Law enforcement is given jurisdiction to arrest and press charges against people who have carried out domestic violence crimes.

If you are in need of assistance with navigating the complex legal landscape of emergency protective orders, temporary restraining orders, or permanent restraining orders, a domestic violence lawyer from our firm can provide the legal support you need to yield optimal outcomes for yourself and your family. Furthermore, a lawyer from our firm can help you understand and work through criminal proceedings and access support and resources for such cases.


Q: What Is the Family Code 155 in California?

A: In California, Family Code 155 establishes the definition of a support order in the context of family law. A support order can be final or temporary and furthermore may be modified, terminated, or subject to remission.

Under this code, an initial support order is considered an installment judgment under section 685.020 of the Code of Civil Procedure, thereby impacting how the support order may be collected or enforced.  A skilled family lawyer can help you understand how Family Code 155 may impact your family.

Q: What Is the CA FAM Code for Child Support?

A: The sections of the California Family Code that are related to child support can mostly be referenced in Division 9, Part 2, starting with Section 3900. Such sections address the definitions, obligations, installment plans, and enforcement of California child support orders.

Q: How Do Domestic Violence Cases Work in California?

A: In the state of California, cases involving domestic violence can have both civil proceedings and criminal proceedings. To seek immediate protection, victims of domestic violence can pursue restraining orders.

Furthermore, California law enforcement may arrest and press charges against the alleged abuser. In some situations, courts may implement criminal protective orders. If you are facing a domestic violence situation in California, an empathetic and skilled domestic violence lawyer can help you navigate the associated legal processes.

Q: What Is the VAWA Act in California?

A: The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) act is a federal law that gives resources and protection to individuals who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking. Although VAWA is considered to be federal legislation, the state of California also has procedures and legislation to help support victims of such situations.

VAWA also protects immigrants who’ve been victims of domestic violence. They can petition for a green card without the knowledge of their abuser.

Navigate Complex Family Codes and Statutes With a Domestic Violence Attorney

Domestic violence statutes in the state of California offer key protections for victims of domestic violence crimes, working to support them and their loved ones with adequate resources so that they can leave their abusive situation and move forward with their lives.

Whether you’re a victim or accused of domestic violence, a dedicated and experienced domestic violence attorney from Quinn & Dworakowski, LLP, can provide you with key legal advice and support. We take care to treat you with compassion and respect the sensitive nature of domestic violence cases. Contact us today to get started.

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