Huntington Beach Contested and Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

Huntington Beach Contested and Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

Huntington Beach Contested and Uncontested Divorce Attorney

A divorce can be a difficult and challenging process. Often, couples reach a point of feeling unable to agree on important issues and that they no longer want to continue to be married. Once a divorce is initiated, the couple then faces new challenges in coming to an agreement on the conditions of the divorce. Because of this difficulty, it is important that you work closely with a Huntington Beach contested and uncontested divorce lawyer to represent you and help you reach a resolution.

Contested and Uncontested Divorce Representation in Huntington Beach, CA

Whether you and your spouse feel able to come to an agreement or not, our team at Quinn & Dworakowski, LLP, has the experience and skill necessary to guide you through the legal process, providing compassionate care with diligent representation and mediation. We can help you come to an amicable and favorable resolution.

Our attorneys have been helping couples in and around Orange County come to agreements on all matters of divorce, including property division, spousal support, child custody, and child support. If you are facing a divorce, don’t wait to reach out to a member of our team and get started working on your case today.

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What Makes a Divorce Contested?

If both individuals in Huntington Beach are not able to come to an agreement on all of the terms of their divorce, the divorce is considered contested. Most divorce cases are contested for one reason or another; however, it is important to understand that these cases do not resolve themselves.

Whether you and your partner are in disagreement over every aspect of the divorce arrangement or are struggling over one particular issue, it is imperative that you work with a qualified divorce attorney who can walk you through each element.

What Are the Different Stages of the Divorce Process?

There are several stages in which disagreements can impact the outcome of your case. Your attorney can help you and your partner come to resolutions in the following stages of your divorce:

  • Initial filing. From the start, some couples may not be on the same page with whether to dissolve their marriage or not. When one spouse files a notice of intention to divorce, the other has a chance to respond. However, even if one partner does not agree to divorce, the court may move forward regardless.
  • Negotiation. After a discovery phase that follows the initial filing, both partners will have the opportunity to negotiate agreements on property division, child custody, child support, and spousal support. Mediation is an excellent alternative dispute resolution that may help a couple reach a mutually beneficial consensus on various matters.
  • Trial. If the couple still cannot reach an agreement on the terms of their divorce, then they will need to go through litigation with the help of a lawyer to present their case before a judge who will make final determinations. By the end of this phase, whether a couple has agreed to terms on their own or not, there will be a legally binding divorce agreement outlining how all aspects of their marriage’s dissolution will commence.

What Does an Uncontested Divorce Look Like?

An uncontested divorce is a relatively straightforward process in which the legally required steps for filing the divorce are followed but the couple agrees to resolve all matters without issue. For many couples, this sounds ideal, and it is certainly the easiest and most affordable manner in which to dissolve a marriage.

However, it is nevertheless highly recommended that you work with a qualified lawyer, even if you face an uncontested divorce, in order to ensure that all documentation and processes are handled properly and are legally sound.

Huntington Beach Contested and Uncontested Divorce FAQs

Q: Does California Have a Mandatory Waiting Period for Uncontested Divorce?

A: California has a six-month mandatory waiting period for all divorces, whether contested or uncontested. Even if both spouses agree to all terms and agreements of their divorce, they must wait at least six months from the date of filing their notice of intention to divorce. By requiring a waiting period, the state affords a couple the opportunity to decide how they want to proceed, whether to reconcile or follow through, without the immediacy of emotions influencing their decision.

Q: What Is the Cheapest Way to Get a Divorce in Huntington Beach?

A: An uncontested divorce is one of the cheapest ways to get a divorce in California. However, this requires that you meet certain qualifications. First, you must meet the residency requirements for the state, reside in California for at least six months prior to filing, and be in the county for at least three months. Second, you and your spouse must agree on all terms and arrangements for the divorce. If this is so, you can file the appropriate documents.

Q: Does California Require Separation Before Divorce?

A: California does not require couples to separate before they can divorce. However, there is a mandatory six-month waiting period that the state requires before a divorce can be finalized. This means you can file a notice of intention to divorce at any time but must wait at least six months before a judge will finalize the divorce. While any couple may choose to separate during this time, it is not a requirement. This time protects against impulsive decision-making.

Q: What Does a Contested Divorce Mean in California?

A: A divorce is contested in California when the couple does not agree on the terms or arrangements of the divorce. An attorney can help the couple through various potential alternative dispute resolutions, such as mediation, to help them come to a mutually beneficial and fair settlement agreement. Contested divorces tend to take longer to resolve and may include going to trial, especially when child custody, child support, and spousal support arrangements are involved.

Your Huntington Beach Contested and Uncontested Divorce Attorney

Whether you and your spouse have already come to agreements regarding certain terms or your divorce will require diligent mediation to reach any resolution, it is important that you speak with a member of our team at Quinn & Dworakowski, LLP, to discuss the details of your divorce. Our team can protect your future and help you reach a favorable resolution. Contact our office today to discuss your case and see how we can help guide you through the divorce process.

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