Huntington Beach High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer

Huntington Beach High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer

Huntington Beach Net Worth Divorce Attorney

Divorce is a challenging process emotionally, legally, and financially. While very few, if any, divorces are simple, high net worth divorces are particularly complex. If you are facing a divorce in which you have a combined net worth of more than one million dollars, it is important to work with a qualified and experienced Huntington Beach high net worth divorce attorney to represent you through these procedures.

Huntington Beach High Net Worth Divorce Attorney

High Net Worth Divorce Attorney & Law Firm in Huntington Beach, CA

High net worth divorces require more experience and knowledge of California law than standard divorces. While most lawyers do not have this experience, the team at Quinn & Dworakowski, LLP, is different. Our attorneys understand the financial implications of high net worth divorces and have the tools and representation strategies for establishing favorable terms in the divorce.

We will fight for your rights and interests, helping you protect what is fair and reach an amicable resolution that includes favorable terms. We have a history of proven success in helping couples throughout Orange County manage and resolve their divorces in the midst of nuanced and complex finances.

What Makes High Net Worth Divorces More Complex?

When a couple with a high net worth files for divorce, they are required to follow the same legal procedures and obligations as any other divorce in the state. However, in contrast to simple divorces, high net worth couples tend to have large assets across many mediums and require special care and attention from an experienced attorney who fully understands the nuanced details regarding both finances and divorce law.

What Considerations Are Unique to High Net Worth Divorces?

High net worth divorces generally involve the following considerations that can make for a complicated and tedious legal process:

  • Property division. All divorced couples will go through property division, with the state equitably dividing all shared property. However, high net worth couples tend to have real estate, businesses, retirement accounts, and investments with high values and complex regulations. These require an appraisal from qualified professionals who can accurately value each of these interests.
    Further, high net worth couples tend to hold less common assets, such as cryptocurrency, offshore accounts, trusts, stock options, and luxury items, such as art, jewelry, and rare collectibles. Evaluating each asset appropriately and dividing them in a financially ideal manner can be difficult and challenging.
  • Spousal support. There can often be a disparity between the earning potential of each individual in a high net worth marriage. The court will seek to ensure that the standard of living that both individuals have come to expect can be maintained for a period, depending on the duration of the marriage, which can result in complicated calculations and determinations.
  • Child support. For couples with children, the same issue of providing a similar level of standard of living previously enjoyed remains true for the children, requiring extensive determinations to reach an agreement for evaluating how much the non-custodial parent will be required to provide for child support.
  • Marital agreements. It is very common for high net worth couples to have marital agreements, such as prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, in place. These legally binding contracts can have a significant impact on divorce settlements as they generally serve to protect certain assets from division. However, reviewing and litigating these agreements requires a comprehensive understanding of the legal framework involved.

For these reasons, it is highly recommended that you work closely with a qualified attorney who has experience handling high net worth divorces, such as those at Quinn & Dworakowski, LLP.

High Net Worth Divorce FAQs

Q: How Much Do You Pay a Divorce Lawyer in Huntington Beach, CA?

A: Most divorce lawyers in Huntington Beach, California, charge an hourly rate for their services. The specific amount will vary depending on the attorney’s experience and the complexity of your divorce. Generally, you can expect to pay between $200 and $900 or more for a high asset divorce lawyer. Costs may be higher if your divorce goes to court or becomes protracted due to disputes or difficulty reaching agreements. On average, high asset divorce can cost tens of thousands in legal fees.

Q: What Is a High Net Worth Divorce in California?

A: Divorcing couples with a high cumulative net worth of $1 million or more will have what is considered a high net worth divorce. While the divorce itself is subject to all the same processes and regulations as a standard divorce, this designation can be a helpful indicator that certain aspects of their divorce proceedings, such as asset division and child support, will be more involved and complex due to the unusually complicated nature of their combined assets.

Q: What Assets Are Protected in Divorce in Huntington Beach, CA?

A: In California, all property acquired during the marriage within the state that is considered marital property is subject to division in a divorce. There are some assets, however, that do not meet these terms. Any assets that were acquired before the marriage, acquired after legal separation, or were included in a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement would be protected from division. Additionally, any assets received by inheritance, gift, or through non-economic damages in a personal injury award are also exempt.

Q: What Is a Wife Entitled to in a Divorce Settlement in California?

A: In a California divorce settlement, each spouse, including the wife, is entitled to equitable division of all marital assets. This means that all shared property will be divided as equally as possible between both spouses. In some cases, a spouse may be entitled to spousal support in order to help maintain the standard of living established during the marriage. If there is a significant disparity between each spouse’s earning capacity, the lesser-earning spouse may also have their legal fees covered.

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Our team at Quinn & Dworakowski, LLP, is ready to help guide you through the complexities of high net worth divorce cases. These types of divorces rightly require extra levels of care, sensitivity, and legal experience. Our skilled and qualified lawyers provide discrete representation, ensuring you are in the greatest position possible following your divorce. Contact our Huntington Beach office to get started today.

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