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Irvine Interstate Child Custody Lawyer

Irvine Interstate Child Custody Lawyer

Irvine Interstate Child Custody Attorney

Child custody is an important and serious consideration for parents. Whether you are getting divorced or were never together, it is important for there to be a formal agreement between parents about how custody will go. When a couple comes to a concrete agreement about their child’s custody schedule, they can better meet their child’s needs.

Interstate custody makes the negotiation process particularly complicated. Although co-parenting is difficult, it becomes even more so when one parent lives in or moves to a different state. Even though it may be complicated, it is entirely possible to develop an interstate custody agreement with the help of a qualified Orange County family law attorney. Our team at Quinn & Dworakowski, LLP, is here to help you with your child custody negotiations.

Irvine Interstate Child Custody Lawyer

Quinn & Dworakowski, LLP: The Best Irvine Interstate Custody Lawyers

Our team has been hard at work in the family law sector for many years. We have seen cases of all kinds, giving us the experience and training to handle your interstate custody case. No matter the circumstances surrounding your child custody and child support agreement, our attorneys offer high-quality legal counsel to families in the Irvine area.

We are passionate about ensuring that both parents and children have the support they need to succeed. Although your situation may be complicated, we are confident that we can develop a child custody agreement that works for your family and your needs.

What Is Interstate Child Custody?

Child custody is a legal agreement that determines the frequency with which a child should live with each parent. Interstate child custody is one such legal agreement, but it involves parents who live in different states. For example, if you and your child’s other parent have lived in Irvine for many years, but now their parent wants to move to Phoenix for work, you will have to develop an interstate child custody agreement to determine when your child should live with each of you.

In many interstate custody agreements, the parent who is in the child’s hometown will take on additional custody to give the child a sense of normalcy and stability. Interstate couples are also more likely to agree that the child should spend longer periods of time at each other’s homes instead of traveling back and forth frequently.

For example, if you live in the same town as your child’s other parent, having your child spend half the week with one parent and half with the other would make sense. However, this arrangement would not make sense if your child’s other parent lives in another state. In these situations, it may be more appropriate for the child to live with one parent during the school year and one during the summer, or to spend several weeks in one place and several in the other.

Your unique agreement will depend upon:

  • Your circumstances
  • Your child’s needs
  • Travel logistics
  • Work and education schedules

Why Do I Need an Attorney for Interstate Child Custody Agreements?

Hiring an attorney for child custody negotiations is always ideal. If your child is a priority, you need to protect your rights as a parent through legal action. An attorney gives you the ability to voice your needs in court and helps to ensure that the resulting agreement is appropriate. Without an attorney, your child’s other parent can frame you negatively and jeopardize your right to custody.

In interstate custody agreements, there are additional negotiations that must occur. When you have an attorney to represent you, you can be sure that the terms of your negotiation are fair and protect your child. The more negotiations that occur, the more opportunities there are for mistakes. With an attorney to represent you, you minimize mistakes and ensure the best possible outcome for your family.

Orange County Child Custody FAQs

Q: On What Grounds Can a Father Get Full Custody?

A: A parent will be granted custody if they can meet the child’s needs and provide a safe home for them. For a parent to get full custody, the other parent must lack the ability to properly care for their child or be unable to provide a safe home. The gender of the parents is not a factor in the court’s considerations, meaning that a father can get custody in the same way a mother could.

Q: Can a Parent Take a Child Out of State Without the Other Parent’s Consent in California?

A: Usually, a parent needs the other parent’s permission to bring a child out of the state or country. This is especially true if doing so would prevent the child from attending the other parent’s visitation or custody period in a joint custody situation. However, if a parent has full custody of their children, they may bring the children out of the state or country without the other parent’s approval.

Q: Can My Ex-Spouse Prevent Me From Taking My Kids on Vacation?

A: Sometimes. In many cases, parents discuss vacation terms when they create a child custody agreement. If you are staying within your custody agreement and not preventing the children from seeing their other parent during scheduled times, your ex-spouse should not be able to prevent you from going on vacation. If they attempt to, you may be able to bring them to court or mediation to resolve the issue legally.

Q: Can a Father Get 50-50 Custody in California?

A: Yes. Fathers are just as eligible for custody as mothers. In fact, a parent’s gender does not affect the court’s custody decision. The court considers other factors when determining child custody, such as the child’s safety with the parent, the parent’s ability to provide stable and safe housing, and the parent’s relationship to drugs and alcohol.

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Custody agreements are complicated, and it is always best to go through the court system. To ensure that you understand the terms of your agreement and sign a fair contract, you should always have the help of an experienced family law attorney. Our team is here to help you with any family law issues you may have, including interstate child custody agreements.

To learn more or to ask any questions, you can reach Quinn & Dworakowski, LLP, online.

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